FAWEZI Partners with Design for Change India


FAWEZI Partners with Design for Change India

In March 2013, FAWEZI was identified by FAWE to take part in the implementation of the Design for Change (DFC) Programme. The DFC is an international movement designed to give children an opportunity to express their own ideas and to put them into action to change the world.

Children develop projects aimed at improving their environment and inspiring other children that they are capable of causing change through DFC.   FAWEZI selected Epworth High School.Epworth High School is located 12km out of the largest city in Zimbabwe, Harare. It is a marginalized community, inhabited by people who eke a living by doing odd jobs in and around Harare, informal traders, hawkers, security guards and small scale urban farmers. Students at Epworth High School came up with a project where they secured the school durawall in order to address vandalism of school property and jumping through the wall by fellow students who abscond lessons.

Epworth High School Story of Change: Securing the school Wall Epworth High School change makers engaged in a brainstorming session to establish potential problems within their school and environment. The problem that received the most votes was the unsecured school wall which had become the source of vandalism of school property.

The students collected old bottles and used cement the to secure the wall. In order to spread their story, they  had an open session which brought together the rest fo the school, teachers and the community.Their project was selected to be amongst the 20 stories of change that were featured in the “l CAN Book” published by Amar Chitra Katha, one of the oldest Indian comic publishing companies. In September 2013, FAWE selected and sponsored a team of three people from FAWEZI to represent them in the annual Be the Change (BTC)  Conference.

At the BTC conference, FAWEZI together with other partners gave 8 minute presentations of DFC in their country at the Global Partners Meeting. Some of the conference activities were:
•    Rahul Boss the official ambassador for DFC India is a celebrated actor and activist in India. He shared some inspiring stories and how he has seen the movement grow in the last five years.
•    Cultural Exchange at Riverside School saw an interaction of students at Riverside School as well as participation of students in special activities lined up and organized by students of different grades. A Guided tour of the Gandhi Ashram and museum led by Grade 3 pupils from Riverside school was also conducted.
•    Performance by Spin Academy saw students and the rest of the participants becoming involved in a routine dance session dancing that had high energy dances.
•    Disney Volunteers Program took change makers in a process of painting to transform a dull municipal school to a more child friendly school.
•    Address by Prominent people: Mary Kom- a lady boxer, Ramji, Raghavan and Krushna Patil- a mountain climber in her early twenties.
•    Street Smart Match-the street was closed down (the busiest street in Ahmedabad) and it came alive with children, fun fair and celebration. The event was hosted by aProCH, an initiative working towards making cities child friendly was closed.