Out of School Girls Program: Initiation Meeting


Out of School Girls Program: Initiation Meeting

On 16 October 2015 the FAWEZI National Chairperson Mrs Mkondo, the National coordinator Miss Madyirapanze and four Alumni members visited Epworth and Domboramwari secondary Schools were they held consultative meetings on FAWEZI ‘s project t  to track out of school girls and bring them back into the formal and non formal education system.

At Domboramwari Secondary the team spoke to Miss Murengwa who was the acting headmaster for the day.  Miss Madyirapannze gave a background to the propjet and indicated that FAWEZI wants to meet girls who dropped out of school for whatever reason. She also indicated that there was need for the school to assist FAWEZI in ‘winning ‘the local communities.

Mrs. Mkondo then also invited the schools to take part in the data collection process and also help FAWEZI to identify the girls who are out of school. She indicated that information including the numbers of school drop outs and the reasons will be critical amongst other statistics.

At Epworth High the team met with the Headmaster Mr Kadenge who also committed to assisted in the initial registration of out of school girls specifically those who dropped out of school due to pregnancy. Mr. Kadenge also indicated that the registration needs to be done carefully as there is a risk of having it over subscribed.

The FAWEZI team then resolved  to let  both school register the out of school girls who are between 14 and 19 years, and then make a follow up with a one on one questionnaire  so as to select the girls who will then benefit from the program.

This program is aimed at tracking Girls who dropped out of school giving preference to teen age mothers so that they are given a second chance in both academic and Technical /Vocational Training.

The Alumni members taking part in the project are Wendy Mutize, Amanda Mukova, Primrose Mahlanza and Nqobile Nkiwane.